Invitation to a webinar on Digitally Preserving LIASAs Institutional Memory



Invitation to a webinar on Digitally Preserving LIASAs Institutional Memory

All institutions governed in a responsible manner should preserve its institutional memory, to be passed on to the next generation of workers. The same applies to LIASA and LIASAs institutional memory – on National, Branch, Interest Group, Publication, Project and many other levels. The LIASA Constitution (Rule 3.8) requires it from all within LIASA. In addition, it also speaks to the LIASA Strategic Objectives: Theme 5: Good Governance: Provide and maintain good governance structures for financial growth, accountability and sustainability.

The digital environment and tools available have made it possible for all to collaborate towards uploading and preserving documentation for future reference into a protected environment. LIASA would therefore like to invite all individuals to a session during which we will explain the strategy to accomplish this. A practical demonstration of the software will be provided, which will enable all within LIASA to centrally preserve documentation and memory for years to come. Please join us on the following date and time:

Date: Friday 29 July 2016

Time: 10:00-11:00

Venue: LIASA Webinar via More details will be shared once you have registered.

Requirements: Reliable Internet Access/Browser: Chrome or Firefox/Speakers/Sound to listen to the presentation.

Presenters: Segametsi Molawa, Ina Smith, Annamarie Goosen


Please register by 27 July 2016. To register, click here or go to