18TH LIASA ANNUAL CONFERENCE: ABSTRACTS: An analysis of Interlending services: a case study of the North West University

An analysis of Interlending services: a case study of the North-West University

Siviwe Bangani, Sabelo Chizwina, Mathew Moyo

The need for information resources has grown tremendously in the past few years. This need has not been accompanied by any positive adjustments on library budgets as universities grapple with the effects of the decrease in subsidy from the South African government, student protests, the Value Added Tax on electronic resources, and the negative global financial outlook.  In order to continue meeting the needs of their users, universities have had to supplement their collections through the use of Interlending Services (ILS) more than before. This has ensured that the universities are able to meet the basic information needs of their users. This paper will analyse the current Interlending Services at the North West University. The usage of both the Intercampus Services and the Interlibrary Loans in the past four years will be analysed, the strengths and constraints of the current model of ILS will be identified, and the use of ILS as a collection development tool will be shared.  After that, the findings, and recommendations with regards to ILS will be presented. This paper will add to the literature on ILS at universities and also identify existing challenges.