18th LIASA Annual Conference: Abstracts: Repurposing of library spaces – weeding the print journal collection

Repurposing of library spaces – Weeding the print journal collection

Carine Basson

Libraries are faced with repurposing current library spaces to fit the need of our users and the trends of our society. Collections and the number of users are growing, but the buildings are static and therefore space should be used in creative ways. The Ferdinand Postma Library of the NWU needed to create space for more study areas as well as group areas. Seeing that we have shifted to eJournal subscriptions, our print periodicals, became old and we decided to see if we could at least halve this print collection.

This paper will present to the conference, the 18 month process the library went through (and is still going through) to decrease our printed periodical collection. I will discuss the rules applied and the procedures followed.

This paper will be a tale from the trenches, showing the process dedicated staff went through; and highlighting some pointers to what to expect when tackling such an enormous task.