18th LIASA Annual Conference: Presenters: Denise Nicholson

Denise Nicholson is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at Wits University.  She has served on a number of international and local copyright committees and projects.  She was the SA representative for EIFL (2005-2010), and contributed to its Model Copyright Law. She is a member and copyright resource person for LIASA, DAC Legal Deposit Committee, and NCLIS. She was a member of the SANCB’s Copyright Alliance (2009-2014).  On 4 August 2017, she presented on behalf of LIASA and related sectors at the Parliamentary public hearings on the Copyright Amendment Bill.

She is well-recognised locally and abroad for the positive role she has played in promoting access to knowledge, open access, and copyright awareness.  She has won a number of prestigious library awards and Wits VC’s Academic Citizenship Award (2015) for her contribution to the library profession locally and abroad.  She is a scholarly author; has presented at many conferences around the world; and has contributed to many international position papers, documents, etc. She has 21 LibGuides on various topics, including copyright, and her free online “Copyright & A2K Issues” newsletter reaches more than 10 000 people around the world.