18th LIASA Annual Conference: Presenters: Frank Magwegwe

Frank Magwegwe is an entrepreneur, personal finance and employee financial wellness expert, active citizen, and business speaker whose work has been recognized by many esteemed organizations. A lifelong learner, Frank is reading for his doctorate in financial planning at Kansas State University.
In 1992, Frank was homeless, broke and unemployed.
Frank’s first business was selling fruit and vegetables in Johannesburg CBD. Through this business Frank “beat the odds” and “escaped” homelessness. Not all of Frank’s business ventures have been a success. His second business, Foremost Futures, a derivatives trading and structuring business folded within 12 months back in 2002.
A decade after “beating the odds” and “escaping” homelessness, Frank had completed a BSc and first class BSc with honours at Wits University and MSc with distinction at University of Pretoria.
A pitstop in his life journey saw Frank completing the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School during 2013. Frank’s story is about the journey from invisible to invincible, resilience, resourcefulness, hope, courage, compassion, persistence, purpose and above all the power of the human spirit described by Dr Sherwin Nuland, author and surgeon as follows: “By the human spirit, what I mean is the ability that each one of us has to be something greater than herself or himself; to arise out of our ordinary lives and achieve something that at the beginning we thought perhaps we were not capable of.”