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Justice Albie Sachs Freedom Award

The initial concept of the Justice Albie Sachs Freedom Award was proposed by Clare Walker, formerly of WITS University library. The background to the origin of the award has been published in an article by Clare in the July issue of LIASA-in-Touch. The award was to honour the “unknown librarian” that Justice Sachs mentioned in his speech at the opening of the IFLA Conference in Durban in 2007. The “unknown librarian” had been instrumental in providing him with books during the period he spent in detention – a fact that he has never forgotten to this day. The Award is a departure for LIASA whereby we are honouring South Africans who support the concept of freedom to access to information – it is a bold stand that we are taking and it shows that we have grown as an organisation when we are able to look beyond the boundaries of our Association and honour citizens who have made such meaningful contributions to our society in this area.

LIASA Honorary Members

Honorary membership is LIASA’s highest honor.  It is conferred on a living citizen of any country whose contribution to librarianship or a closely related field is so outstanding that it is of lasting importance to the advancement of the whole field of library service in South Africa.  It is intended to honour the individual’s high level of personal commitment and achievement.

LIASA Librarian of the Year Award

The Librarian of the Year is a role model for the Library and Information Services community and a person whose contributions make a lasting impact on the sector. This accolade is granted by peers in recognition of the achievements and accomplishments of inspiring and exceptional public, academic, school and special librarians.

You may be an inspiring leader; a knowledgeable & dynamic subject librarian; a creative school librarian who makes learning a pleasure; a techno-savvy finger-on-the-button social media librarian; a caring and approachable public librarian who goes the extra mile; the possibilities are endless.

The award may be used for any educational purpose (either visits to relevant institutions locally or internationally, attending relevant conferences or further studies).

LIASA President’s Award for the Best Branch

Awarded annually to the Branch that has been most active, and played an active role in promoting the objectives of LIASA.

LIASA President’s Award for the Most Improved Branch

Awarded annually to the Branch that has improved the most from the former year.

LIASA President’s Acknowledgement for Exceptional Contribution

It is the prerogative of the LIASA President to identify individuals and to award the  LIASA President’s Acknowledgement for Exceptional Contribution to deserving LIASA members who made an exceptional contribution to the association in particular.

UNISA Department of Information Science Alumnus of the Year

The Department of Information Science of UNISA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2005. To commemorate this half century of involvement in Library and Information Science education and training in South Africa, Africa and the world, the Department decided to institute an “Alumnus of the Year Award”.

Da Vinci Huis – IASL Award – South Africa

The Da Vinci Huis-IASL Award-South Africa was established in 2009 to increase possibilities for young librarians in South Africa to participate actively in the international school library forum, especially the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL).

IFLA/ekz LIS Student Paper Award

IFLA offers an “IFLA/ekz Library and Information Science (LIS) Student Paper Award”, coordinated by the IFLA Education and Training Section Standing Committee (SET SC). The objectives of the Award are to:

  • Encourage LIS students – especially from developing countries – to submit papers addressing the current IFLA World Library and Information Congress theme;
  • Reward the best LIS student paper submission for the IFLA Congress each year;
  • Give LIS students the opportunity to take part in an IFLA Congress;
  • Give LIS students the chance to learn more about IFLA activities;
  • Prepare and encourage the new LIS Generation to participate in IFLA activities.

Systematic-Public Library of the Year Award

The Systematic-Public Library of the Year Award is awarded by the Danish Agency for Culture as a part of the Model Programme for Public Libraries with IT company Systematic as sponsor. Therefore the award is named ‘Systematic – Public Library of the Year Award’. The target group is public libraries, i.e. municipality libraries.

Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund

The Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund was established in 2003, as a way to ensure that the social responsibility initiatives undertaken by Sabinet achieved their primary objectives, remained impactful and delivered long-term tangible results. The mission of the Chairperson’s Fund is to contribute to the educational, social and economic upliftment as well as the development of deserving communities in South Africa. We strive to undertake projects where we can make a sustainable and discernable difference and in order to achieve success, we partner with other successful organisations and concentrate our efforts on a small number of projects.

South African Library and Information (SALI) Trust Grants

The SALI Trust, established after the dissolution of the South African Institute for Librarianship and Information Science (SAILIS), has the following objectives:

  • To promote the common interest of persons carrying on the profession or occupation of librarianship and information work within the Republic of South Africa; and in doing so
  • To develop librarianship and information studies in order that library and information services of a high standard may be rendered by all persons active in the Library and Information Sector in the Republic of South Africa.

South African Library and Information (SALI) Trust Lifetime Achiever Award

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