The nomination of new LIASA candidates take place during July/August of every second year, while the voting takes place during September of that same year. It is an electronic process coordinated by the appointed LIASA Electoral Officer. LIASA members are invited to nominate and vote for the following:

  • LIASA National Executive Committee
  • LIASA Branch Executive Committees
  • LIASA Interest Group Executive Committees

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LIASA Branch/IG Elections Procedure

This year (2016) is election year, which means you as members will be given the opportunity to nominate LIASA members to serve on the National, Branch and Interest Group Committees for 2016-2018 in the following positions: Chair-elect, Secretary, Public Relations OfficerTreasurer and Additional Portfolios (max. 4). Click here to view a description of the responsibilities associated with each role. All elections will be conducted electronically via Election Runner, an online voting system.

  • Call for nominations go out on the date provided by the Electoral Officer. To be released by the Branch/IG Chair. This call will go to all registered for the Branch/IG on the LIASA Voters’ Role.
  • Nominations will close at 24:00 on the date provided by the Electoral Officer.
  • All nominee information (nomination forms, acceptance of nominations, manifestos, bio’s, a clear colour head and shoulder photo in jpeg) will be sent by the current Chair to the Electoral Officer by the specified date.
  • All Branch/IG members registered on the LIASA Voters’ Role will receive a personalised email with a Voters’ Key (password) to vote between the dates provided by the Electoral Officer. The system will automatically close on the last date.
  • The new members of the Branch/IG  Committee will be announced by the current  Chair during the AGM for that Branch/IG.

In 2016, each member on the LIASA Voters’ Role will vote 4 times:  1 x for their Branch, 1 x for their primary IG, 1 x for their secondary IG and 1 x the national elections.

Election Timeline: Branches and Interest Groups

Click here to view Branch/IG specific dates.

Call for Nominations 2016: Branches and Interest Groups

Click here to view the Call for Nominations for Branch and Interest Group committees.

LIASA National Elections Procedure

In terms of Article 10 and Rule 4 of the LIASA Constitution, all paid-up individual members of the Association who are listed on the Voter’s Roll are hereby invited to submit nominations for Office Bearers for LIASA for the 2016 to 2018 term of office. The vacant office bearer positions are :

  • President Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Additional Portfolios (max. 4)

Rule 4.8 states that “Each nomination form must be submitted to the Electoral Officer separately via email from two paid-up members, whose names shall be included on the nomination form. The nominee who accepts the nomination must do so via email to the Electoral Officer. The nomination form must be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae of the nominee, a brief election manifesto, and a scanned or digital low resolution passport size photograph of the nominee.”

While it is acceptable for a single form to be completed containing all these sections, the rule has been devised to enable nominations to be seconded and accepted even if the nominator, seconder and nominee are not together to sign on one form, and will also allow for verification of the nominator, the seconder, and the nominee against the Voter’s Roll. It is the responsibility of the Nominator to ensure that the nomination is complete and that all necessary documentation has been submitted to the Electoral Officer before the closing date of August 14th.

The brief CV and election manifestos will be made available on the LIASA Website in their entirety. In addition, to assist voters, a short description about the nominee will be made available on the online voting system. To ensure that the description suits the nominee, it is requested that the nominee compiles this. This short description has to be limited to 200 characters.

Election Timeline: LIASA National Office Bearers

The timeline for the elections is as follows:

May 25 Appointment of the Electoral Officer
May 31 Closing of the Voter’s Roll Rule 4.6
July 13 Electoral Officer: Nomination forms for Office Bearers Rule 4.7
August 21 Closing date for nominations
September 1 Electoral Officer: Voting opens using online voting system Rule 4.9
October 11 Ballot closes at 14:00 Rule 4.11
Call for Nominations 2016: LIASA National Office Bearers

Click here to download the nomination form for the LIASA National Elections.

LIASA Electoral Officer

Please send all inquiries and other communication to the LIASA Electoral Officer:

Laila Vahed
Library Director
University of Zululand
Email: liasa@unizulu.ac.za
Tel: +27 (35) 902 6462