Free State Librarian of the Year 2017

Ms Jeannet Molopyane

Jeannet Molopyane is the Deputy Director Teaching and Learning Services at the University of the Free State, who has a strong passion in teaching and learning, especially information literacy, knowing that is a life changing skill of the 21st century.  Previously, Jeannet was a high school teacher at Tswaing High School in Winterveldt where she ran a school library and taught English.  She was then employed by the then Technikon Free State as a training librarian from 2002 to 2011.  She was responsible for information literacy training.  She was part of ensuring that the programme becomes compulsory and credit bearing, all the first years have to pass the module in order to graduate.  She developed a study for Personal Information Management since the module is called Personal Information Management (PIM). From 2012 – 2016 she became the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences librarian, responsible for all the information needs of the faculty.  Ms Molopyane was passionate about library orientation where she took leadership roles, to ensure that all the first years have all the information they need to know about the library.  She also compiled detailed orientation guides so that students should have the library at their finger tips.  South African Library Weeks are some of her passion since she was part of the teams that arrange Library week activities, including inviting external guest speakers to ensure that the week’s activities becomes a success to be remembered.

From 2016 to now, Ms Molopyane took the position of the Deputy Director Teaching and Learning Services, where she has to ensure that the teaching and learning support role of the library is embedded into the faculties.  This has been achieved by having ensuring that information literacy is embedded into the research methodology module as part of research skills.

She is also in the process of ensuring that he Kovsie Undergraduate Research Journal becomes a reality whereby undergraduate students will publish their research.  The journal already has an ISSN and an approved cover page and information about the journal inclusing three editorial committee members.  She also initiated the Action Research project where professional librarians mentored by a retired professor are busy with research in order to produce academic papers as well as to improve the service the LIS offers, not only that, to also contribute in building a team of LIS researchers.