Gauteng North Branch Librarian of the Year 2016

GN LotY 2016 Ina Smith photograph (2)

Ms Ina Smith

Gauteng North Branch Librarian of the Year 2016

I am nominating Ina Smith for the Librarian of the Year 2016 award.  Ina really has a passion for the library profession.  She is currently the LIASA Exco Convenor ICT Development (2014 – 2016) and LIASA HELIG Chair (2014 – 2016).  She has gone the extra mile with ICT Development in our profession with presenting workshops and webinars. Regarding Higher Education Libraries she shares very useful information on different library related list serves.  Ina was also part of the editorial panel to evaluate the presentation and poster application for the upcoming LIASA conference.

Her efforts in addressing and raising awareness for Open Access resource sharing is remarkable.  She presents training and workshops (also via webinar) to advocate, advise / consult and train in terms of Open Access.  She is also involved in the strategic management of Open Access scholarly publications and doing project management regarding the following: digital preservation, digital object identifiers, scholarly publishing wiki, Directory of South African Scholarly Journals, online journal management, Bibliometrics etc.  I can vouch for her determination, hard work and effectiveness.  She also makes sure that these projects are completed.  She is a lovable person to have around, is a hard worker and always tries to create a positive ambiance.

-Ms Cora Bezuidenhout

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