Gauteng South Annual General Meeting, 30 July 2015

Please note that the Annual General Meeting of the Library and Information Association of South Africa, Gauteng South Branch will be held as follows:

Date: 30 July 2015

Venue: Mathew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance in Vrededorp

Time: 9:00 until 13:00 


Session One 

  1. Opening and Welcome
  2. Attendance and Apologies
  3. Confirmation of agenda
  4. Minutes of the 2014 AGM
  5. Adoption of Minutes
  6. Chairperson’s Report
  7. Financial Report
  8. Motions
  9. Announcements 

Session Two 

Presenter: Mr. Stanley Bongwe 

Paper: “Diversity: Libraries Connecting to Serve Diverse Communities”

About the presenter:

Mr. Stanley Bongwe is the founder and Director of the Diversity Institute (Pty) LTD. A goal-oriented behavioral science practitioner, experienced corporate educator, disciplined business leader, management consultant, and a best-selling author, harnessing over (20) years of experience in researching, developing and implementing integrated business solutions in workplace diversity management and winning wok behaviours for top South African and multinational companies.

  1. Closure