Invitation: HELIG Webinar on Library User Experience, 27th July 2015

User experience is everywhere. From your library’s website to the signage by the lifts, to the furniture –   everything contributes to the overall user experience of our patrons.    Every decision affects how people experience your library.    Join HELIG in a webinar with Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches, authors of the book “Useful, usable, desirable : applying user experience design to your library“.   They will introduce the principles of library UX design and provide a brief overview of why and how to evaluate the experience you’re providing in your library.

Date: Monday 27th July 2015

Time: 16:00 – 17:00    (07:00 in Oregon, 10:00 in Ontario, Canada)

Venue:   LIASA Webinar Big Blue Button – scroll down on web page and find Big Blue Button to left of screen  (requirements – good quality Internet, sound speakers, microphone [optional]). Password: uxhelig

Presenters: Aaron Schmidt (Consultant, Influx Library User Experience,  Portland Oregon;  and Amanda Etches  (Associate Chief Librarian [Interim], University of Guelph Library)

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