LIASA Honorary Members

About this Award

Honorary membership is LIASA’s highest honor.  It is conferred on a living citizen of any country whose contribution to librarianship or a closely related field is so outstanding that it is of lasting importance to the advancement of the whole field of library service in South Africa.  It is intended to honour the individual’s high level of personal commitment and achievement.

Award Recipients

2017 Ms Segametsi Molawa
2015 Ms Ujala Satgoor
2013 Ms Susan Schnuer
2013 Ms Naomi Haasbroek
2010 Mr Robert Moropa
2010 Ms Rachel Moore
2010 Mr Tommy Matthee
2007 Mr Bob Wedgeworth
2007 Ms Clare Walker
2007 Ms Blyth van Niekerk
2007 Mr John Tsebe
2007 Ms Ellen Tise
2007 Mr Ross Shimmon
2007 Ms Kay Raseroka
2007 Prof Seth Manaka
2007 Dr Peter Lor