LIASA-in-Touch: Call for articles

Dear Colleagues

As we move towards the end of 2015, I would like to thank you all for your many contributions and unwavering support for the LIASA-in-Touch magazine. It would be very difficult to bring out an interesting publication which reflects our dynamic profession in South Africa if it were not for your articles and photographs.

I would also like to send a special word of thanks to our loyal advertisers; Rene Schoombee, the advertising editor, and Annamarie Goosen and her team in the LIASA National Office.

You are now invited to contribute to the MARCH 2016 issue of LIASA-in-Touch. The due date for submission of articles is Friday 16 January 2016.

 We welcome articles on the following topics:

  • LIASA Branch and Interest Group activities
  • Programmes celebrating Open Access Week
  • Branch End of Year functions
  • December holiday programmes
  • Letters to the Editor – we would like to have a Letter’s Page where issues affecting our profession can be debated
  • Continuing education and development e.g. conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Your New Year wishes /resolutions on how to take forward the IFLA 2015 theme – Dynamic Libraries: Access, Development and Transformation

Please note the following to ensure correct publication:

–          Articles should be short and concise – maximum of 600 words in the form of MS Word attachments and not in the body of the email. Kindly provide your name, designation and institution at the end of the article.

–          Photographs without captions will not be published

–          Photographs should be sent separately as JPEG attachments and PLEASE not embedded in a Word file. Furthermore, to ensure a good quality print, please check that the camera resolution is set to at least 300dpi.

Please send your contributions directly to me – . I look forward to your submissions.

Allow me to wish you all well over the festive season, travel safe if you are on the road and I look forward to many more interesting contributions in 2016.

Kind Regards

Nohra Moerat

Editor, LIASA-in-Touch