LIASA-in-Touch Editor

Dear LIASA colleagues

We express our sincerest thanks to outgoing editor of the LIASA-in-Touch (LIT) magazine Ms Nohra Moerat, who has managed this key part of the Association’s communication infrastructure with great professionalism, attention to detail and the highest dedication. She brought to bear her professional experience as well as insights from her terms of office in LIASA EXCO, notably as PRO. Over the years she has exercised patience, taken the initiative, stuck to timelines and has at times ensured the delivery of the LIT under trying circumstances while maintaining a professional demeanour at all times. Her firm approach to this task was underpinned with warmth, understanding and a delightful sense of humour. She is not lost to the Association as she has agreed to assist with an orderly handover to the new Editor and to continue to be available to assist.

We would like to welcome Jeremiah Pietersen warmly on board as incoming Editor of the LIT magazine. Jeremiah has long been involved in LIASA and the LIT editorship is a natural fit between his talents and experience in the Association. We look forward to seeing the LIT develop further under his leadership. The magazine is vital to LIASA as it fills the functions of communication, marketing and advocacy with all stakeholders.

The next issue of the LIT magazine will see the transition of magazine management so watch this space for announcements about the submission dates of contributions and related information.

Mandla Ntombela