LIASA Professional Advisory Committee


The LIASA Professional Advisory Committee is the outcome of LIASA being awarded Professional Body Status by SAQA. This Committee consists of:

  • Immediate Past President
  • Current LIASA President and President Elect
  • Past LIASA Presidents
  • LIASA Manager (Secretary)
  • One representative from each sub-system:
    • Public Libraries
    • Higher Education Libraries
    • Special Libraries
    • Library Schools
    • School Library
    • Research Institute

Terms of Reference

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Elected Members (2016-2019)

Ujala Satgoor LIASA Past President Chair
Segametsi Molawa LIASA Immediate Past President (2014-2016) Vice-Chair
Annamarie Goosen LIASA Manager Secretary
Mandla Ntombela LIASA President
Nikki Crowster LIASA President-Elect
Robert Moropa LIASA Past President
Rachel Moore LIASA Past President
Naomi Haasbroek LIASA Past President
Ninnie Steyn Public Libraries
Shirlene Neerputh Higher Education Libraries
Lyn Johnson Special Libraries
Unassigned Library Schools
Unassigned School Libraries
Unassigned Research Libraries