Limpopo Branch Librarian of the Year 2016

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Mr Maropene Ramabina

Limpopo Branch Librarian of the Year 2016

I am hereby nominating Mr Maropene Thomas Ramabina as LIASA Limpopo Librarian of the Year 2016. He is working as a Law Librarian at the University of Venda. Mr Ramabina is an academic Librarian who is very active in our LIS profession in Limpopo Branch. He is the current Public Relations Officer (PRO) of LIASA Limpopo Branch. He previously served as LIASA Limpopo Branch Chairperson for the term 2012-2014.
During his term as chairperson, the Branch became competitive, visible and formed good relations with relevant stakeholders such as DSAC and LIS students at the University of Limpopo. The Branch won the Presidential Award and Best Membership Drive Awards in 2013 under his leadership. He is still serving as Branch PRO where he continues to market and promote library events in our branch. He attended Carnegie Library Leadership Academy and Train the Trainer Programmes at the University of Pretoria.
Mr Ramabina has demonstrated potential leadership qualities. His association with LIASA helped him to be creative and innovative in terms of providing services to staff and library users at the University of Venda. He initiated or established Dropbox which, as Information Librarians are using to book for our Library Training Room when we have our training sessions with our students. He is also using Surveymonkey to get evaluation Reponses from users. Mr Ramabina is also an Administrator for both University of Venda and LIASA Limpopo Facebook Pages where he consistently post messages and interact with followers. He also served as UNIVEN Library Marketing Chairperson for 2 years (2012-2014).
Mr Ramabina presented papers at the Zimbabwe Library Association (ZIMLA) Conferences in Mutare in 2014 where he presented a paper on the Enforcement of copyright laws at academic libraries. He also presented a paper on use of social networking platforms for knowledge sharing at the same ZIMLA Conference in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe IN 2015. He attended the WLIC IFLA Conferences in 2007 and 2013 in the Republic of South Africa. Mr Ramabina was awarded the Bitner Research Fellowship Award where he spent 2 weeks at Cornell University Law Library in New York, USA in October 2014. Mr Ramabina is also busy furthering his studies with the Department of LIS at the University of Kwazulu Natal.
The purpose of LOY is to recognise outstanding and ongoing contributions to the LIS Sector and I feel it is time that Mr Ramabina’s contribution must be recognised. I cannot think of a better person to represent our branch at National level than Mr Ramabina.

– Ms Sindy Hlabangwane

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