MAIG Training Videos

Introduction to Canva: Tutorial Videos

Canva is a free graphic design tool. Its easy-to-use features and drag-and-drop format makes it easy for anyone to create professional designs for social media pages and much more. Canva offers a wide selection of templates in various sizes and for various uses.

The following online tutorials serve as a step by step guide on how to use Canva and was created by Nadia Grobler from the University of Pretoria on behalf of LIASA MAIG.

  1. Introduction to Canva
  2. Sign up for a Canva Account
  3. Select a Canva design type
  4. Adding images to your Canva design
  5. Adding text to your Canva design
  6. Adding elements to your Canva design
  7. Putting it all together
  8. Downloading your Canva design
  9. Copyright Implications