MAIG Webinar: Marketing 101 – back to basics

Marketing 101 – back to basics

by Jennifer Burke, president of IntelliCraft Research, LLC

Consider this your ‘back to basics’ introduction to what marketing is – and is not – for today’s libraries. We’ll talk a bit about ‘new school vs. old school’ marketing, the marketing cycle, common mistakes to avoid, and terms you need to know (such as let’s please stop using ‘PR’ and ‘marketing’ interchangeably). This webinar sets you up for greater success so you can dive deeper into the how-to’s of marketing strategy and tactics.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify the difference between outbound or push marketing and inbound or pull
  • Among common marketing miscues, identify at least one your organization has encountered lately and how to avoid
  • Be able to identify the classic Ps of marketing

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