MAIG Webinar: Speaking Finance: Using ROI to Make a Case for Your Library

Speaking Finance: Using Return on Investment (ROI) to Make a Case for Your Library

by Miranda Doran-Myers, Research Assistant, Colorado State Library

A powerful story about a child discovering a love of reading and lifelong learning will likely endear many people in your community to the library. However, it may leave those who are more concerned with tax dollars and the financial bottom line unmoved.

The key to a successful marketing plan is to target groups within the community based on what that group wants or needs from the library. To successfully advocate for our libraries, it is vital that we learn to make a case for the wise investment opportunity that exists in public libraries. This presentation will cover the tools available to help even the most financially illiterate among us make a persuasive case for the continued funding and existence of public libraries using hard, tangible numbers.

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