MAIG webinar: What They Didn’t Teach in Library School

What They Didn’t Teach in Library School: The Cycle of True Marketing

by Kathy Dempsey, New Jersey, USA

Have you been tasked with marketing library events or services without ever having a course that taught you how? If so, you’re an “accidental marketer,” and you’re not alone! This webinar will give you a solid foundation in the tenets of library marketing, covering definitions, strategies, reasoning, and the steps in the Cycle of True Marketing. With a dash of humor, marketing maven Kathy Dempsey will answer these burning questions:

  • What’s the difference between marketing, public relations, promotion, and advocacy?
  • Why didn’t anyone come to the event that I worked so hard on?
  • How can I get my message through when people are inundated with information and advertising?
  • Why is library lingo evil?
  • What mistakes am I making without realizing it?
  • How can I make my marketing more effective?

Wonder no longer; this is the “Marketing 101” lesson that will help it all make sense!

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