May Seminar

May seminars are a platform created to familiarise the sector with the current LIASA President’s theme and to allow research and information sharing across the sector on the theme. It was launched in 2013 and is improving to stregthen the dialogue and promote the research component in the LIS sector, and will hopefully translate into published output.

The LIASA May seminar is discussed by all branches for the purpose of focused knowledge sharing. Members engage in robust discussions, involve experts outside the LIS sector, deliver presentations, and finally report on events.

2018  Redefining the future of libraries through SDGs and the National Development Plan Mandla Ntombela
2017 The critical role of “Advocacy” in libraries Mandla Ntombela
2016 The Library Ecosystem: Maximising the collaboration and access to information for the marginalised LIS sub-sectors Segametsi Molawa
2015 Libraries for development:  Action, integration and collaboration Segametsi Molawa
2014 Libraries and librarians as agents for social change, community development and democracy Ujala Satgoor
2013 Ujala Satgoor