LIASA HELIG Webinar Invitation: Goodbye Mindlessness, Hello Mindfulness: The Power of Mindfulness for Librarians, 11 May 2016

A webinar presented by Julia Paris (click here to view resume)

It is easy to be mindless. People have become so used to being mindless that mindfulness, when we hear about it, sounds very airy fairy, abstract and difficult to learn and maintain. Librarians, by virtue of their work environment easily fall prey to mindlessness. However, the library provides us a great opportunity to render mindful services, where library users are treated with love, kindness, and given prompt, purposeful, non-judgemental attention. This webinar is focused on how librarians can say goodbye to mindlessness, and welcome mindfulness, with a beginner’s mind, fresh perspective, doing so with grace and ease on a personal and professional level.

Date:  Wednesday 11 May 2016

Time:  13:00

Venue: Virtual     (requirements – good quality Internet, sound, microphone [optional])

Please register for the webinar by Tuesday 10 May 2016  at

Instructions on how to join the webinar are in the confirmation pop-up screen.   These will also be sent out via email to all registered attendees.

Enquiries:  Ingrid Thomson