South African Librarians’ Day 2017


LIASA Members’ Wishes for the Future

MEMORY BOX COMPETITION: Memory box your creativity!

Celebrate LIASA’S 20th anniversary!
The above competition is held for all LIASA MEMBERS


Make your creative mark! Enter the LIASA Memory box competition in celebration of LIASA’s 20th anniversary!

The winner will be announced at the 2017 LIASA Annual Conference.


  • First Prize: Tablet + 1 year LIASA Membership
  • Second Prize: LIASA Bag + 1 year LIASA Membership
  • Third Prize: LIASA T-shirt + 1 year LIASA Membership

During South African Librarians’ Day (10 July), we ask every LIASA member to make a wish for the future or tell us how they wish LIASA should help the South African LIS Sector to grow over the next 20 years. Wishes should be creative and achievable.

Step 1: In all branches we will be asking LIASA members to answer the following question in the form of a wish written down (the wishes will later be printed on wooden tags specially designed for a wooden wish-tree):
‘In 20 years’ time, what do you wish the South African LIS Sector to look like?’
The wish list should focus on South African LIS needs: Examples

  • Libraries for all
  • More School Libraries
  • More diverse LIS Sector
  • Any other suggestions?

Step 2: Members submit their wishes to the Branch Chair – Your Name, Name of Branch, E-mail address and LIASA Membership number should be clearly indicated on the back of the entry. Maximum number of entries should not exceed two wishes per member.

Step 3: All members’ wishes will be displayed on a specially designed wooden wish-tree (as a reminder of the branch wishes – this will be kept by the Branch Chair and displayed during Branch meetings).

Step 4: The Branch Chair will sent the members’ wishes to LIASA for adjudication/rating. From all 10 Branches only the 2 best entries per branch will be accepted (all in all only 20 wishes).

Step 5: The 20 best and most original wishes overall will be framed in a specially designed Memory Box and smaller versions of the Memory Box will be made into gifts.

Step 6: Selected wishes will be displayed at an exhibition during the 2017 LIASA Annual Conference. The winning wishes may also be used for publicity in the LIASA-in-Touch 20th Anniversary Special Commemorative Volume or any other special publications of the Association.
Ownership of all prize-winning entries will be vested with LIASA. It will be an ongoing / growing project and in 20 years’ time it will be evaluated to see how far we have come as a Library Association.

The competition results will be announced during the LIASA Annual Conference

  • Winner will receive a Tablet plus one year LIASA membership for 2018
  • 1st Runner up will receive a LIASA Bag plus one year LIASA membership for 2018
  • 2nd Runner-up will receive a LIASA T-shirt plus one year LIASA membership for 2018

Entries should reach LIASA on or before 31st of August 2017, at:
LIASA National Office
LIASA National PRO: Senovia Welman

Click here for the PDF version of the Competition Announcement.

Click here for the PDF version of the SALD 2017 Competition

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