South African Librarians’ Day

Dear LIASA colleagues

Happy SA Librarians’ Day (SALD)! Today we celebrate our profession, our colleagues and ourselves noting with appreciation the dedication and commitment of all LIS practitioners. All is not hunky-dory but, be reminded of the efforts underway every day that strive to making changes in our communities;, our places of learning; and, to the lives of all South Africans. We measure ourselves against the international world and find that we are leaders and followers never less equal.

So, on this day and over the weekend that will include LIASA’s birthday on 10 July, we call on you to reflect on your practice and address it accordingly thereby making a commitment to continue supporting the advancement of the Library and Information Services (LIS) at various levels and LIASA.

Yours sincerely

Segametsi Molawa

LIASA President

“Libraries for development: Action, Integration and Collaboration”