Pre-Conference Workshop 1: User Experience

Date: 2 October 2017
Venue: Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre, Gauteng

We can learn a huge amount about how our users experience (and feel about) library services, spaces and products by adopting rich qualitative and quantitative research methods that come under the umbrella term ‘UX’ (User eXperience).

Andy Priestner regularly presents workshops to show participants how to supplement data that libraries have always taken (footfall, loans, database usage) with a range of invaluable behavioural and attitudinal methods which study and explore the real activities and experiences of their users. Through a range of easy-to-use and low cost methods he helps you lift the lid on the lives of your users and show how the data collected from these methods can be translated into new services and products.

Typical topics addressed as part of his workshops include:

  • behavioural mapping
  • participant observation
  • interview technique
  • user journey mapping
  • card sorting
  • cultural probes
  • cognitive mapping
  • touchstone tours
  • love and break-up letters
  • photo studies
  • graffiti walls
  • idea generation techniques

During this course Andy will explore the value of UX research techniques and their application in the library sector – an interactive and practical introduction to all the key methods.

Andy Priestner