Western Cape Librarian of the Year 2017

Mr Jeremiah Pietersen

Sabinet Press Statement

“He may be an Early Career Academic Professional which is not stopping him from making a difference”

I am very happy to nominate Jeremiah Pietersen as the Western Cape Librarian of the Year.  He may be young, and relatively new to the sector, having been involved from 2012 during his studies for the PGDIPLIS at UCT, and then readily getting involved with LIASA within the branch and at national level.    He is one of those hidden heroes,   quietly making a difference and having an impact both in his place of work, and within the sector.    And then generously sharing the same.

He completed his Masters 2013 – 2015 and is currently busy with his Ph.d.   Both topics relate to academic libraries, and he has presented at various conferences including LIASA, SANLiC , LISC75 Commemorative Conference, IFLA ARL Satellite Meeting, IS Conference at UniZulu.  2013 saw him attend his first LIASA Conference and he was asked to chair a parallel session which he did, with much confidence.   The following year saw him co-present a pre-conference workshop on social media with Ingrid Thomson.

He has a particular interest in Open Access and his involvement with LIASA led him to be involved with SPARC Africa (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition African Chapter) where he served as the Interim Secretary for the Executive Committee.     He spoke at the SANLiC Conference earlier this year on Open Access and SPARC Africa.

He has twice attended OpenCon (which is an international conference on Open Agenda for Student and Early Career Professionals).  He has a particular interest in Open Access so he was very honoured to have been selected to attend by OpenCon in 2015 and in 2016 he represented SPARC Africa.

Within our institution, he is very much involved with Open Access publishing using the Open Monograph Press.  He was involved with the publishing of the papers from the IFLA ARL Satellite meeting through this medium.   http://openbooks.uct.ac.za/arl/index.php/uctlibraries

In his day-to-day work, he is involved with the various Research Week, Bibliometrics, Open Access Publishing, creating tests & quizzes using Articulate software as well as various committees such as Marketing, Social Media, Staff Development and Training, Library Transformation Committee amongst others.    He also worked as a research assistant to Prof Jaya Raju and as a Graduate Assistant in the Library School doing ad hoc teaching when required.

I regard Jeremiah as a role model for the other Early Career Professionals in the sector, regardless of whether they are in academic, public or school or research sector.  He is not afraid to take on the challenges and the opportunities offered to him to learn and develop and  to share this with others.    That no job or task is too menial or too great.   He is a team player, but also steps up to the leadership role.       He may be a Junior Librarian but he is no Junior Librarian!

He lists Archery as one of his interests outside of work.   Well, he is a straight shooting arrow who deserves to be acknowledged for what he has accomplished thus far,  as young as he is.   And for what he will accomplish in the future,  the sky is not the limit!