World Book Day 2015

23 April 2015

Today, 23 April 2015, is World Book and Copyright Day, also known as World Book Day, World Book Days or International Day of the Book. Notably, it is the anniversary of the birth and deaths of several revered authors including William Shakespeare. The day is set aside to celebrate books and reading, to raise awareness of the importance of reading and of libraries, and to distribute books to communities. These elements of the promotion of reading, access to information through books for development and outreach correspond with the LIASA 2015 theme Connect @ your library that urges interaction between communities and books for the betterment of society.

World Book Day is also about reading for pleasure and how books offer a pathway to the reader to imagine, experience, create, discover, explore and to share. As the poem  ‘The Reading Mother’ by Strickland Gillian illustrates, reading, being read to and having books, represents untold wealth. Read a book today, go out and read to your family, friends or even strangers and, share a book.

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