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CPD Activities and Requirements
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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activities

There are two broad CPD categories, namely individual activities and group activities. A registered member who has been awarded the  Professional Librarian designation is required to accumulate 20 CPD points over a three (3) year cycle. The Professional Librarian may participate in either one or both of the two categories in order to obtain the required number of CPD points.

The two areas are tabulated and summarised as follows:

Group Activities

TYPE OF GROUP ACTIVITY EVIDENCE                                                    
Seminar / Symposium (attendance)*

(Depending on the level, duration, and relevance to the job / practice).

Submission of the programme, proof of attendance 1 point per day
Group Discussion* Proof of attendance, written summary of discussions 1 point per session
Workshop (attendance)*

(Depending on the level, duration, and relevance to the job / practice).

Proof of registration and attendance 1 point per day
Information sharing / feedback sessions* Proof of attendance, written summary of session 1 point per session
LIASA programmes / activities

 · Attendance of Branch AGM

· Participation in Branch Workshops / Formal branch activities e.g. SALW launch

Submission of the programme / invitation, proof of attendance 1 point per activity

The allocation of CPD points to group activities is based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance – The topic or content information should be relevant to the discipline and should include contemporary issues which face the profession today.
  • Level of participation – Passive to active participant (observer, presenter, co-presenter, and listening).
  • Level of knowledge – Basic information, understanding, application, analyse, synthesise, and evaluate.
  • Level of skills development - Perception, preparing for action, guided response with the assistance of others, performing difficult task automatically, altering responses to fit new situations
  • Duration
    • Information sharing sessions and group discussions - not less than 2 hours.
    • Workshops - ½ day to full day
    • Seminar and symposiums - ½ day to full day
    • Short course – 4 days or more

Individual activities

TYPE OF INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY EVIDENCE                                                                    
First time registration as a member of LIASA Membership certificate 2 points
Member of a formally constituted committee:


o National / branch / interest group

· Other LIS bodies / boards / councils / trusts

· Representation of LIASA on external bodies

Membership certificate for the current year, appointment letter 1 point per committee per year
Supervision, mentoring and coaching of people inside and/or outside the employment relationship (Minimum of 10 hours spent in a year) Supporting documents 2 points per year
Formal studies Diploma / Degree certificate, after completion 6 points for Diploma studies

 10 points for Degree studies

Short course*

(Depending on the level, duration, and relevance to the job / practice).

Certificate of completion, attendance register 4 points per course
Facilitation of a LIS related workshop* Proof of invitation and programme 2 points per day

 · Poster presentation

· Oral presentation

· Chairing a session / panel

· Member of a panel

Submission of the programme, proof of registration / invitation, presentation 1 point per activity
LIASA Conference volunteering List of accepted volunteers, daily attendance register 1 additional point
Scholarly publication and publishing:

 · Articles in an accredited journal relevant to the field

· Chapter/s or book/s relevant to the field,

· Review of an article / book

· Editor of a journal / book

Proof of the article being published. 5 points if a sole author


3 points if co-authored

3 points per reviewed article

3 points per edition (editor)

Article accepted for publication in the LIASA in Touch Proof of publication 2 points per article
Reading academic LIS related articles (for professional development and keeping current) Submission of article or link to the article, completion of reflection exercise 1 point per article


• Preparatory meeting for events / activities,
• Preparing for the conference, workshops, and seminar,
• Mentoring/ supervision activities which is not relevant to the LIS profession


In order to meet the requirements of the Continuing Professional Development programme a Professional Librarian will be required to:

• Maintain a record of CPD activities within the member’s profile on the LIASA database,
• Upload all supporting documentation of CPD activities in order to comply with Portfolio of Evidence requirements.
• Maintain a detailed activity record at the place of employment

Recording Activities
Every registered member will be required to maintain a detailed record of his/her professional development activities.
A detailed activity record includes the following information:

• the date(s) of the activity
• the title and description of the activity
• the organiser / provider of the activity
• the CPD category in which the activity belongs

Verifying the CPD Activities
In order to ensure application and compliance, the CPD Committee may randomly select profiles for verification purposes. Members are required to retain documents for at least two cycles for verification and audit purposes.

The CPD Committee will report on whether:

• the activities comply with the requirements of the programme,
• modifications are necessary,
• a review of the member’s professional practice should be conducted.

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